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College of International Education, entitled to both undergraduate education and postgraduate education at Sichuan International Studies University (SISU), has specialized in the cultivation of talents capable of foreign languages education for more than 40 years. Now, the college has one first-level master degree authorization program (Pedagogy), one master professional degree authorization program (Education), two undergraduate programs (Pedagogy and PreschoolEducation[Teacher Training]), as well as some platforms at ministerial, provincial and school levels such as Chongqing International Education Development and Research Center, Chongqing Educational and Legal Research Center, SISU Childhood Bilingual Education Research Center, and Ming De Xue Tang (a national chain post-school education institutiondevoted tostudies of Chinese ancient civilization).


College of International Education always sticks to its development vision of “High Starting Point, High Level, and Distinctive Characteristics”, its operation concept of “International, Elite, and Pragmatic ”, its effort to manifest the characteristic and mode of “education + language”, and its operation mechanism of “design by experts, guidance by professors, management by system, and participation by all”. It takes root in education and orients itself towards international practice, thus forming the two important development paths of foreign languages education and country-specific education. During “the 14thFive-Year Plan” period, the college will continue to take talent cultivation as its basic mission, to consolidate the leading role of discipline construction, to emphasize the support of faculty construction, to practice the tenet of serving society, and to follow a path featuring intensive development, sparing no effort to develop into a high-level international teaching and research institution distinguished inSouthwestChina and influential all across the country.







1982 — enrollment of English teaching majors

1984 — establishment of Department of English Teaching

2006 — initiation of master degree authorization program (Curriculum and Teaching Methodology)

2013 — establishment of College of Education and initiation of pedagogy as an undergraduate program

2018 — initiation of a first-level master degree authorization program (Pedagogy), a master professional degree authorization program, and a preschool education (teacher training) program.

2021 — establishment of College of International Education



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