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Thanks to Mountain Gele and River Jialing for your favor,

nice to be daily greeted with picturesque greenery and clear water.

SISU, endowed with famous scenic spots within and around,

also reputed among foreign language learners as a holy land;

hence, attractive to students from far and wide,

who come here to give free rein to their youthful talent and vigor.

Accustomed to early rise and late sleep in all weather,

they study hard for the revitalization of our common mother.

Assiduous and relentless in truth seeking,

teachers and students are for the people’s education striving.

Providing copious wisdom is imparted to moral minds,

we are sure to march forward steadily to fulfill the call of times;

Providing cordial teaching is devoted to supreme good,

We are sure to become consummate to realize educational outlook.


The footprints we have left all along the way,

tell us we have experienced years out-of-the-way.

The year of 1982, undergraduate program in bud;

The year of 2006, discipline foundation under way;

The year of 2013, college in primary formation;

The year of 2017, leap on a springboard.

Rain or shine,

Sails have never flagged.

Due to firm concentration on development,

Dreams come true through united effort.


The look of our college today,

thriving and closer to its heyday.

Old discipline in the academic field,

new branches vibrantly sent out.

A time-honored major of SISU,

making a second endeavor to ride on the crest of success.

Distinctive discipline and competitive major,

forming a romantic perfect pair;

Scientific research and teaching,

like a pair of birds wing-to-wing flying.

Distinguished by competitive foreign language education,

Enriched by an international or global vision.

Unshakeable and irreplaceable in southwest area,

Influential and popular all over China.

The steps of forward movement,

has never stopped for a moment.

The ideal of teaching and education,

is growing earnest with time transition.


Looking forward to the future,

We shall for our college a lofty ambition nurture.

We shall stay true to our original aspiration,

shouldering responsibility despite whatever tension;

We shall scale a new height and venture into the distant land,

but always bearing a deep love for home and motherland;

In spite of wind and rain,

We shall have goals one after another to attain.

We shall be united and collaborative,

to create more chapters splendid and impressive.

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